Months Post-Op: 2 months

  • Procedure Type: 'Natural' breast augmentation with autologous fat harvest from abdomen and inner thighs.
  • Pre-Op Cup Size: 34A Padded
  • Post-Op Cup Size: 34 A but patient feels
  • Left Implant Size: 210 cc fat
  • Right Implant Size: 220 cc fat

Doctor's Comments:

This patient desired modestly fuller breasts but did not want breast implants. She was not an ideal candidate for lipo-transfer 'natural' breast augmentation because her skin envelope is tight. In a firm, tight breast we are limited in how much volume we can transfer because fat cells will die if they are under too much pressure. By carefully placing no more than this patient's breasts could accommodate, I was able to achieve a surprisingly significant improvement in breast shape and volume. If she wants to go bigger, another stage of lipo-transfer can be considered in 6 months.