TempSure Vitalia

What is TempSure Vitalia?

TempSure Vitalia is a nonsurgical solution for vaginal rejuvenation. The system uses radiofrequency energy to heat the internal and external vaginal tissue, improving circulation and promoting healthy tissue tightening through collagen production and growth of new blood vessels. The result is improved feminine wellness and confidence with no downtime.

Who is a Candidate for TempSure Vitalia?

Pregnancy, hormones, and age can affect your feminine wellness, resulting in dryness, laxity,decreased sexual pleasure and other bothersome symptoms. You can find relief and rejuvenation with TempSure Vitalia with no downtime, avoiding the need for a surgical procedure.

The Treatment Process

The TempSure Vitalia treatment system delivers radiofrequency heat through a small handpiece. The handpiece tip is inserted into the vaginal canal where the internal tissue is heated. External tissue can also be treated using the same, gentle handpiece. You will feel a heating sensation during this treatment, but the process is quick and comfortable, taking between 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You can experience improvement in symptoms after one treatment session, but multiple sessions will give you the best results.

Results and Recovery

There is no downtime after treatment with TempSure Vitalia, allowing you to return to your normal, everyday activities, including exercise. After the optimal number of treatment sessions, you can experience an increase in feminine wellness and rejuvenation that leaves you feeling younger and more comfortable and confident.

To learn more about TempSure Vitalia and how you can benefit, contact our office today for a consultation with Dr. Capek’s team.