Your Guide to Bridal Aesthetics


Planning is K E Y when it comes to all things Wedding related. So, the big question is…

Have you planned out your aesthetic treatments?! And if you have, we are proud of you! 😊

Here is our yearlong Guide to help you along.

Our #1 tip is to come in for a consultation so we can personally customize your pre-wedding treatment plan. Even if your wedding is a month away, we have no-downtime treatments to get your skin glowing for your big day.


1 Year Out

Face & Body Consult: If you are considering a major make-over that involves surgery, we recommend starting your journey as soon as you can. Although most cosmetic surgery results are apparent quickly, final healing and optimal changes can take months.  Some popular procedures for brides and mother-of-the bride include

  • Breast augmentation, lift or reduction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Facelift and Necklift
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

8 Months Out

These treatments for your face, hair and body are a process that often involves a series of visits to see optimal results.

  • LASER Treatments
    • Excel V- for sun damage, brown spots and redness
    • Laser Genesis – for collagen stimulation
    • Laser hair removal
  • CoolSculpting- for non-surgical body contouring

4-6 Months Out

Skincare Consultation: Our aestheticians will create a skincare regimen customized for you! We have amazing skincare treatments and products that can change your skin for the better in weeks, but over a longer time span, our aestheticians can help you achieve even more dramatic results.

  • Customized at-home skincare program with medical grade products from top brands like ZO and SkinMedica
  • HydraFacials
  • Chemical peels

2-3 Months Out

Injectables: this is a great time to come in for a consultation and start facial injection treatments to soften wrinkles or lines of facial expression, fill hollows, or add volume to your cheeks and lips. Many of our fillers are reversible so you can try out a look and still have time to adjust it to look your very best on your big day.

  • Gold Micro-infusion – start a series of 3, monthly for optimal pore-less, air-brushed skin
  • Botox – soften wrinkles or lines of facial expression
  • Filler- fill hollows or wrinkles, add volume to your cheeks and lips

1-2 weeks Out

Get one of our Signature Facials to hydrate, refine and plump your skin.

*Although these generally have you looking fabulous in as little as 24 hours, it’s best to try one out a few months before as well in case you are more sensitive than expected.

  • Hydrafacial
  • Red Carpet Facial – HydraFacial plus LaserGenesis
  • GoldenGlow Facial – Micro-infusion of Botox and hyaluronic acid (less than 24 hours of slightly pink skin)

We look forward to helping you plan your Wedding Aesthetics! Call us for more information or to schedule your consultation appointment.