Hospital Surgery Information


Dr. Capek recognizes that for some patients, a hospital setting is the best place for their plastic surgery procedure. This may be because of a personal preference, the complexity of the surgery being performed, the need for an overnight hospital stay or due to a patient’s risk factors, such as pre-existing medical conditions, that increase their risk of complications. Our team regularly schedules patients at the hospital for their cosmetic surgery procedures and we can accommodate your needs.

Dr. Capek has been operating at Ellis Hospital for over 25 years. While she has privileges at numerous local hospitals, this is her preferred facility. The anesthesia and hospital staff are very experienced in plastic surgery procedures and you can rest assured that your care will be state-of-the art with a focus on safety first. In addition, we have partnered with Ellis Hospital to negotiate an affordable fee schedule for your procedure.

Having surgery in a hospital setting may offer advantages to higher risk patients to ensure patient safety, optimize post-op care, and give overall peace of mind. Some key benefits of undergoing surgery in a hospital include:

  • Medical Expertise: There are many highly trained specialists and support staff in the facility should the need for unexpected expertise be required.
  • Emergency Resources: In the rare event of a medical emergency during surgery, hospitals are well-prepared with immediate access to critical care resources, such as blood banks, intensive care units, and various specialists. This can be life-saving in unforeseen situations.
  • Longer Post-Operative Care: Besides the normal recovery room experience, some patients may request or require an overnight stay with dedicated nursing care, which is available in the hospital setting.

If you are interested in undergoing your procedure at the hospital, our team is happy to assist you with arrangements and understanding what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Ellis Hospital?

What time do I arrive for my surgery?

To obtain your arrival time, please contact the Ellis Welcome Center at 518.243.4640 the day before your scheduled surgery, between 1pm and 3 pm, to receive your arrival time for the procedure.

Will I stay overnight?

While most of our procedures are outpatient procedures, an overnight stay at the hospital may be recommended based on your individual medical history and/or personal circumstances. An overnight stay is available at Ellis Hospital for an additional charge. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Who will be my anesthesia provider?

Schenectady Anesthesia Associates, PC currently offers anesthesia services at Ellis Hospital. You contact them with any questions at (518) 374-3123.

How do I pay my hospital and anesthesia fees?

Once you are scheduled for surgery, you will receive an information packet with all the contact information needed for both the hospital and anesthesia providers.

If you have any additional questions about your fees, you may contact Ellis Hospital at 518.243.4152 or Schenectady Anesthesia Associates at 518.374.3123.

Will I get any other separate bills from the hospital?

Depending on the type of procedure you are scheduled for, there may be tissue samples that are sent off to the laboratory for review. This will be billed to you separately from Ellis Hospital.

Will I need to follow up with any providers at Ellis?

No, there is no need to return to Ellis Hospital after your procedure. You will follow up with Dr. Capek at our office location, 1003 Loudon Rd, Latham, NY.

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