For over 25 years, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Capek has been mastering the various techniques required for every cosmetic surgery from a facelift to labiaplasty. Her commitment to her patients and her craft drives her to keep up-to-date with the newest advancements and latest techniques. Prioritizing safe, efficient, and quality care, Dr. Capek is proud to offer a discreet and state-of-the art surgical experience in her QuadA-accredited, office-based surgical suite in Latham, NY. At Capek Surgical Arts, you can enjoy the exceptional care of specialized medical staff and a board-certified anesthesiologist for optimal care where safety and comfort are our top priorities. However, for some patients who may have associated health issues or simply a personal preference, Dr. Capek regularly operates in a hospital operating room as well. Your options will be reviewed at your private consultation.


Dr. Capek is a facial surgery expert who offers a wide range of procedures to optimize your appearance. She is known for achieving natural, beautiful results with operations ranging from rhinoplasty to facelifts, fat transfer to eyelid surgery. Dr. Capek can help patients of all ages with a variety of facial concerns and aesthetic goals using an artistic eye, the latest techniques and more than 25 years of experience. Whether you want to turn back time and enjoy a rejuvenated look, or hope to reshape your nose or chin, learn more about our options below.



Many women are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. For some, their breasts don’t look the same after pregnancy and breastfeeding, others notice undesirable changes with weight fluctuations, and others may be unsatisfied with their breast size after puberty.  The array of concerns can vary widely – you be bothered by breasts that are too small, too big, asymmetrical or sagging. Other issues may arise after previous breast surgery, especially with older breast implants that need to be removed, replaced or adjusted. Dr. Capek offers the latest surgical solutions for alleviating your breast issues.



Everyone experiences undersirable changes to their bodies throughout their lifetime—be it from pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, weight changes, or puberty. No matter the cause, rapid changes to your body can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self conscious. Dr. Capek and her staff are here to help you get back your comfort and confidence with many surgical solution to address your concerns. Whether you’re focused on one problem area, or looking for a full-body transformation after childbearing or weight loss, Dr. Capek can design a treatment plan that makes sense for you. She and her caring team will guide you every step of the way.



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