Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed and safest cosmetic procedures worldwide. In the United States, we have been performing liposuction for several decades, and it has become very refined over the years with revolutionary new methods. Liposuction surgery sculpts your body by eliminating unwanted pockets of subcutaneous fat that are generally resistant to diet and exercise.

This procedure can be performed on almost any area to improve your body contour. Common areas include hips, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, abdomen, calves, breasts (including male chests), arms, and much more. Liposuction is a high-satisfaction surgery where patients may achieve dramatic improvement, so they can wear the clothes they want and finally reach their body goals. It is common to combine liposuction with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation.

In our practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lucie Capek performs several methods of liposuction, including power-assisted liposuction (PAL), and energy-assisted liposuction including VASER® LipoSelection, and SmartLipo™. These innovative technologies are gentler than traditional liposuction, potentially resulting in less bruising, swelling, and pain.

Am I a good candidate?

For some individuals, diet and exercise are not effective at reducing stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat. If you are in general good health and have realistic expectations for liposuction, you are potentially an excellent candidate for this procedure. Here are some common reasons why you may consider liposuction performed by Dr. Capek:

  • You have localized fat deposits in your arms, thighs, abdomen, or other places on your body, which are unable to be shed with diet and exercise.
  • You are physically fit with a stable weight – generally no more than 20 pounds overweight. If you are planning on losing or gaining more weight, liposuction is not for you.
  • You don’t have too much excess skin in the fatty area and your skin elasticity is good.
  • You are moderately overweight but have a fatty area that is extremely out of proportion to the rest of your body (i.e. severe saddle bags) that makes it difficult to find clothing that fits.
  • You are a man with enlarged breasts (gynecomastia)
  • You are a woman with large breasts you would like to reduce, your skin tone is good without too much drooping, and you don’t want the scars from a traditional breast reduction.
  • You have a double chin or heavy neck with significant fatty tissue.
  • You have only one or two small areas that need contouring (i.e. back of your arms or inner thighs).
  • You lead a very active lifestyle and want minimal downtime from a body contouring procedure.

Keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment but rather as a body contouring procedure. Weight typically does not change much after liposuction. Additionally, liposuction cannot remove visceral fat (the fat inside the abdomen, around your organs), and it will not correct cellulite or excessively loose skin. Dr. Capek may recommend other treatments, like a tummy tuck or thigh lift, to remove excess skin. If you have visceral fat, the only way to get rid of it is weight loss with diet and exercise.

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Dr. Lucie Capek offers advanced cosmetic plastic surgery from the unique perspective of a female plastic surgeon. Since 1996, she has been serving patients in the Capital District from Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Troy, NY. She is known for using the latest technology to perform body contouring, breast surgery, and facial cosmetic surgery. She personalizes every treatment to give each patient the most natural-looking results, enhancing their beauty and increasing their self-confidence. Above all, her practice is dedicated to your health and wellness. Dr. Capek understands that your beauty and confidence is about more than just your appearance. To schedule your first consultation, contact Lucie Capek, MD.


Before Your Procedure

An initial consultation with Dr. Capek is necessary to address your cosmetic goals and determine the best liposuction technique for your particular needs. During your consultation, you can expect Dr. Capek to evaluate all your areas of concern, including the quality of your skin, and discuss your expectations for your liposuction procedure. She will also review your complete medical history and any plans regarding pregnancy or weight loss.

To prepare for your liposuction procedure, it is important to be in good health and at a stable, healthy weight. It’s necessary to quit smoking for at least six weeks before and after surgery since healing and anesthesia complications are much more likely in smokers. Additionally, avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications which can lead to increased bruising and bleeding.

Your Procedure

Liposuction procedures are typically performed under sedation and local anesthesia in our QuadA-accredited office-based operating suite, Capek Surgical Arts, or a hospital operating room. During liposuction surgery, Dr. Capek removes unwanted fat from your body using one of the liposuction techniques she offers. Liposuction utilizes thin, blunt-tipped tubes called cannulas, which are inserted through small incisions in the skin. The cannulas are moved through the fatty tissues under your skin to target stubborn fat deposits and suction them out. The specifics of your procedure will depend on the liposuction technique utilized by Dr. Capek. The type of anesthesia Dr. Capek recommends will also depend on the extent of the areas we are treating and your preference. In general, Dr. Capek recommends some level of sedation for liposuction procedures because they are not completely pain free when done under local anesthesia and wide awake.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

This type of liposuction uses a motorized handpiece which moves the aspiration cannula gently back and forth while the fat is being suctioned. This has been shown to be gentler on tissues, easier and faster for the surgeon, and more effective for removing fat with accuracy and precision. This procedure can be performed in our QuadA-accredited office-based operating suite, Capek Surgical Arts, or a hospital operating room. Dr. Capek uses PAL to remove fat in ALL her liposuction procedures, including energy-assisted liposuction like VASER and SmartLipo.

The first step in all liposuction procedures Dr. Capek performs is the injection of tumescent solution into the subcutaneous fat layer. It consists of sterile saline, lidocaine (a local anesthetic), and epinephrine. This step numbs the treatment area and causes blood vessels to constrict to minimize bleeding. Tumescent infiltration also makes it possible to perform more limited liposuction procedures under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia, and it temporarily reduces postoperative discomfort in the hours after surgery.

SmartLipo Triplex: Laser Lipoplasty

SmartLipo is a laser- assisted liposuction technique that is ideal for smaller areas on the body, including the neck and jawline (also referred to as a LaserLift), upper arms, lower legs and anywhere else that patients want removal of small areas of fat. It may also help to modestly tighten skin in the treated areas. This technology is available in our office-based surgical suite, Capek Surgical Arts.
The type of anesthesia Dr. Capek recommends will depend on the extent of the area we are treating and your preference. Dr. Capek will inject your treatment area with tumescent solution as described above. Using the SmartLipo Triplex laser, she will insert a small laser probe into the fatty deposit through a tiny incision. The laser energy will melt and destroy fat cells, which are then gently suctioned out of the body with small cannulas using PAL in most cases. There is minimal impact on the surrounding healthy tissues and minimal bleeding. The laser probe is then re-inserted just below the skin for additional heating of tissues if tightening is needed in the area.

VASER LipoSelection

VASER LipoSelection refers to an ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique that uses a probe in the fat layer to heat, emulsify and gently break down fat making it easier to suction out with PAL. This is similar to SmartLipo in that VASER LipoSelection is designed to be gentle on tissues, making the fat easier to suction out and potentially modestly tightening skin. This technology is available at Ellis Hospital and Dr. Capek uses it for more extensive body contouring procedures. VASER LipoSelection is performed under either conscious sedation, also known as MAC anesthesia, or general anesthesia for more significant areas or combination surgeries.
During your procedure, Dr. Capek injects the treatment area with tumescent fluid to numb the area and shrink surrounding blood vessels. A thin ultrasound probe is inserted through a small incision and the high-frequency ultrasound separates the fat cells from surrounding tissues. PAL cannulas are then used to remove the fat from the body. This process is proven to be much less traumatic than traditional liposuction, resulting in less bruising and swelling after the surgery.

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After Your Procedure

Dr. Capek and her nurses will give you specific aftercare instructions based on your individual surgical plan. Generally, you can expect to limit your activity for the first few weeks and wear a compression garment to minimize swelling.

After your procedure, you may experience significant drainage from the incision site for 1-2 days. This is messy, particularly if you had larger areas treated. You may remove garments and dressings after 48 hours and shower on that second day. As soon as you’re comfortable, you can switch to a second-stage garment, such as a Spanx body shaper, that is lighter but still provides good compression. You will need to wear this for at least 3-6 weeks, depending on the areas treated. This will help minimize bruising and swelling, and to maintain a smooth shape. You will be encouraged to walk around right away to prevent blood clots, but strenuous activities will be limited for 4-6 weeks depending on the extent of your procedure.

Post-operative massage of the area can be helpful in reducing swelling and lumpiness. You or your partner can do this daily, or you may get professional massages as well.

You will likely experience common side effects during your recovery, including discomfort, bruising, redness, swelling, numbness in the skin, lumpiness and itching. Some of these issues will subside in a couple of weeks while others may take up to 6 months.

It is important to follow Dr. Capek’s post-operative guidelines to ensure a healthy and positive recovery. You are likely to see some improvement in contour within a couple of weeks post-procedure, but your results will continue to improve gradually as swelling resolves and the skin contracts back to the smaller dimensions of your figure. Patients report losing ‘inches’ for up to six months after the procedure. Liposuction results have long-lasting potential as long as you maintain your weight, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

What Are the Risks?

Fortunately, in Dr. Capek’s experience, serious complications from liposuction are rare and patients are generally very satisfied with their results. However, all surgical procedures carry some risk of complications. For liposuction, these may include bleeding, infection, fluid collections, blood clots, emboli, contour irregularities, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. You can help minimize these risks by following Dr. Capek’s advice and instructions before and after your liposuction surgery and maintain a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle.

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Dr. Capek is pleased to offer her patients an intimate, comfortable and discreet surgical experience at Capek Surgical Arts (CSA), her state-of-the-art Quad A accredited operating suite right here in Latham, NY. You can undergo your procedure under the expert care of board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Capek and her exceptional team of anesthesia and clinical staff without having to go to a hospital or surgery center.. Cae you can expect with Dr. Capek and her team.


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