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Hair loss is a difficult and prevalent problem for both men and woman, especially with aging. We offer a variety of hair loss treatments that help you keep the hair you have, and potentially reverse hair loss.

Hair loss is a complex problem with many causes, including health issues such as hormone imbalances and genetics, as well as stress and lifestyle. Our providers take a detailed medical history to determine possible treatable causes of hair loss and guide you through options to maximize your scalp health. Most patients benefit from a multi-modal approach, meaning using several tools that target the problem separately but synergistically. In our experience, this typically offers the best results.

Some of our recommendations may include:

  • Baseline bloodwork with your PCP or assessment with a dermatologist to make sure auto-immune or hormone issues are not the cause
  • Topical minoxidil
  • Oral hair-growth nutraceuticals to decrease inflammation and nourish hair follicles
  • Oral low-dose minoxidil – this is a newer, very effective treatment for many patients
  • Plasma microneedling or injections

At the end of your comprehensive consultation, your provider will offer you a custom treatment plan based on your specific hair loss situation.

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Dr. Lucie Capek offers advanced cosmetic plastic surgery from the unique perspective of a female plastic surgeon. Since 1996, she has been serving patients in the Capital District from Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Troy, NY. She is known for using the latest technology to perform body contouring, breast surgery, and facial cosmetic surgery. She personalizes every treatment to give each patient the most natural-looking results, enhancing their beauty and increasing their self-confidence. Above all, her practice is dedicated to your health and wellness. Dr. Capek understands that your beauty and confidence is about more than just your appearance. To schedule your first consultation, contact Lucie Capek, MD.


Plasma Treatments for Hair Loss

You may have heard of using your own plasma as a natural, bio-stimulating treatment to combat hair loss in both women and men. It is an increasingly popular adjunct to well-established treatments like topical and oral Minoxidil, Finasteride, laser therapy and transplants.

The use of plasma in the treatment of hair loss has shown promising results and it is still being extensively studied and optimized. In general, there is good patient satisfaction and success with these treatments in both men and woman. When micro-needled or injected into the scalp, it appears to slow down hair loss, revive dormant hair follicles and improve hair quality.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a component of your own blood containing powerful platelet cells and growth factors that natural stimulate the rebuilding of human tissue. Discovered in the 1970’s, plasma started being used as a treatment for wounds and injuries in the 1990’s. The platelets in plasma, also known as thrombocytes, are a critical component of our blood since they assist in blood clotting, which is essential to keeping us alive. They also contain many powerful growth factors that are released when platelets are activated in a normal healing cascade after injury. These growth factors summon and stimulate multi-potent cells and collagen-producing fibroblasts, as well as the growth of new blood vessels that provide oxygen and fuel for new tissue growth. Simply put, your own plasma speeds up healing and improves the functioning of cells. In hair loss, weak or dormant hair follicles are in need of ‘healing’ and this is where plasma can help.

Your Procedure

We draw blood from your arm and then spin the vials in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the red blood cells. We spin the plasma a second time to concentrate the platelet cells and their associated growth factors. This ‘liquid gold’ is then micro-needled or injected into thinning areas of the scalp to nourish and strengthen hair follicles. We use both topical anesthesia and Pro-Nox (laughing gas/oxygen combo) to make the treatment more comfortable. Most patients report only mild discomfort. Patients usually go back to regular activities immediately.

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Impact on Hair Follicles

The platelets in plasma release powerful growth factors from alpha granules within the cells. These growth factors have been shown to activate multi-potent cells, improve growth of the hair shaft and even produce new hair follicles. Dormant hair follicles (telogen) can become active again and stay longer in their growth cycle (anagen). This translates into a fuller head of hair that may appear healthier, stronger, and also grow longer.

Hair loss is a complex problem with many causes and no single hair loss treatment is 100% effective. If you are newly experiencing hair loss, it is always best to consult with a dermatologist first to ensure that there is no underlying medically treatable cause such as anemia, hormone imbalance or an autoimmune condition. Most patients with hair loss are otherwise healthy and may find it helpful to combine different therapies for a potentially synergistic effect. For example, plasma treatments are best done in combination with topical or oral Minoxidil and hair nutraceuticals. If you’re having a hair transplant, it can help transplanted hair grow stronger.

Results & Recovery

We recommend 3 monthly treatments, followed by a fourth treatment three months later. Maintenance treatments are then required every 6 to 12 months. If treatment is discontinued, hair loss is expected to recur. The optimal treatment schedule has not yet been established because large clinical studies have not been completed.

As with any non-surgical hair loss treatment, it takes months for the follicle to strengthen and produce the visible results of thicker and healthier hair. Although you may see signs of new hair growth by 4-6 months after the platelet injections, it will take a year to have a good indication of how successful your hair treatment has been.

What Are the Risks?

Plasma treatments for hair loss are considered a safe, natural treatment because the use cells and growth factors from your own blood, which cannot be rejected. Plasma is being used in many areas of medicine, including Orthopedic injuries, to help the body heal itself with good success and few side effects. Minor issues, such as bruising and swelling may occur. More serious side effects are rare and will be further reviewed at your consultation.

EXOSOMES: The Future of Hair Loss Treatments

Are you someone who watches beauty trends? Then you’ve probably heard of Exosomes, the nano-sized particles derived from living cells, that promise to be the Holy Grail of skin and hair rejuvenation. Read on and check out the links to articles below, highlighting what’s on the horizon.

Exosomes are nano-size vesicles, little packets that come from living cells, and contain various components, such as peptides, lipids and amino acids. They act like messengers between cells signaling unhealthy or aging cells to do what they are supposed to do, such as keep hair follicles growing healthy hair. Preliminary results show great promise in improving hair loss, as well as skin rejuvenation.

Exosomes are being studied for many treatments, including serious health conditions, with promising results. We are currently not offering them routinely but remain excited about their potential. Stay tuned!


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