At Capek Plastic Surgery, we offer various facial treatments and procedures to help with various aesthetic goals. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Capek has the expertise and experience to offer the perfect facial rejuvenation to take years off your face. Check out our service offerings below.


If your eyes are looking tired or hollow and you want to look refreshed, you may be a good candidate for blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. During this procedure, Dr. Lucie Capek addresses the unique issues you may have in your upper and lower eyelids. She may remove excess and drooping skin through hidden incisions along the natural fold of your upper eyelid or along your lower lash line. Bulging fat pockets may be contoured for a smoother look and Dr. Capek often adds micro-fat grafting to fill in hollows in your tear trough or hollows under the eyes. Dr. Capek’s goal is always to leave you looking natural and like yourself, without significantly changing your eye shape.


Forehead (Brow ) Lift

Dr. Capek can give you a softer, more cheerful appearance if your brows are heavy, sagging and you tend to look tired, angry or sad due to low-positioned eyebrows. During this procedure, she can raise your eyebrows to a natural level, reduce horizontal creases on your forehead, and address frown lines between your eyes. She performs most brow lifts using an endoscopic technique, using a camera and scope through small, concealed incisions in the scalp. This approach reduces recovery time and looks very natural. The effect is to open up the area around the eyes and upper face for an overall younger look. More limited brow lifts using different techniques and incisions can also be done in men.


Chin Augmentation

A small or weak chin usually looks worse in profile and you may dislike your appearance in photographs. It is also common for a weak chin to be associated with a prominent nose and this combination gives your face an unbalanced look. A chin augmentation with an implant can dramatically improve your jawline, profile and balance out your face. Other procedures are commonly done at the same time: liposuction under your chin for a heavy neck, a face/necklift for aging changes along the jawline or a rhinoplasty if your nose is prominent. Dr. Capek will review a customized plan for you at your consultation, including selecting the perfect implant size and shape for your face.


Ear Surgery

With an otoplasty, Dr. Capek can correct protruding, proportionately large, and/or unusually shaped ears. Otoplasty is often performed in children as young as seven to correct prominent ears that can lead to teasing in school. Adults can also improve their appearance with this low-risk, minimal downtime surgery. In most cases, Dr. Capek will make a small incision behind the ear through which she reshapes and repositions the underlying cartilage. Recovery is typically quick and results are long-lasting.


Face & Neck Lift

A facelift can enhance your cheeks and jawline, reduce lines around your mouth and tighten the skin around your neck, ultimately giving you a younger appearance. Dr. Capek’s facelifts are customized to each patient’s unique needs and are generally less invasive and more natural looking than older techniques. She typically combines a vertical short scar technique with micro fat grafting to add lost volume. It is helpful for you to bring a youthful photo of yourself to your consultation since Dr. Capek’s goal is to ‘set back the clock’ rather than have you look like someone else. During your procedure, she also uses state-of-the-art HARMONIC® scalpel to reduce bruising and swelling, shortening your recovery.


Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Capek has been performing micro-fat transfer, or grafting, to the face since 1997. This has now become a well-recognized and long-lasting solution for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Capek uses fat grafting as a stand-alone procedure for all areas of the face including around the eyes, midface and cheeks, around the mouth and jawline, and for lip enhancement. It is also a part of most lower blepharoplasty and facelift surgeries as well. Dr. Capek will harvest the fat cells from your own thighs or abdomen, delicately using a syringe and cannula. She concentrates the fat using a centrifuge and then gently injects the micro-grafts, weaving them into the tissues to sculpt your facial areas in 3 dimensions. The results are very natural and long-lasting.


LaserLift with Precision Tx

Dr. Capek has been performing the ‘knifeless’ face and necklift for over a decade. The Precision Tx Sidelaze angled laser is the latest technology to improve this popular procedure. Dr. Capek uses tiny incisions under each earlobe and under your chin to insert the laser under the skin, contouring fat in the neck and jowls, as well as tightening loose skin. The procedure is ideal for younger patients with a heavier neck or middle aged patients who want to rejuvenate their jawline but do not have too much loose skin. The LaserLift is done under local anesthesia in the office and has very little associated downtime and risk.


Lip Lift

Full lips can help you look younger and feel sexier. Dr. Capek may employ one of several techniques to perform lip augmentation. This is done most commonly using Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane to plump up and shape the lips. This is a simple and quick office procedure that is natural-looking. Dr. Capek is also experienced with micro fat grafting, described above, to enhance your lips using your own cells. Permanent lip implants are also available and Dr. Capek can place these easily during a brief office procedure under local anesthesia for a permanent enhancement.


Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty

Your nose is a prominent feature of your face that achieves adult size sometime in your teens. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, it can greatly affect your self-confidence. A rhinoplasty surgery can reshape different areas of your nose, including the bridge, the tip and even the base of your nostrils. Many patients look better when the nose is made smaller or refined but sometimes giving the nose projection with cartilage grafts is what’s needed. The procedure varies significantly based on an individual’s specific needs. Dr. Capek loves performing rhinoplasty surgery because it is both artistic and technically challenging. She trained performing very difficult rhinoplasties on patients with a history of cleft lip, which often results in a distorted nose. In some cases, though, minor irregularities can be improved with non-surgical techniques like fillers. If you also have breathing problems from a deviated septum, Dr. Capek can perform a septoplasty at the same time as your cosmetic rhinoplasty.



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