Although a cosmetic procedure may be costly, Dr. Capek believes your surgery should be an investment in yourself. All credit cards, cash and personal checks are accepted for consultations and most services.

After your procedure, you’ll find a significant improvement in the way you look and feel. If you desire a new appearance but worried you can’t afford your procedure, we offer plastic surgery financing that fits your budget.

Plastic surgery financing works similar to a credit card. You finance an amount for your procedure upfront, then gradually pay the balance back over time. With our financing partner, CareCredit, you can apply online or contact our office to begin your cosmetic journey today!

With CareCredit, you are able to begin your procedure immediately.  You will then pay gradually over time with a monthly payment that fits your budget.  CareCredit offers a range of No Interest and Extended Payment Plans. Our goal is to work you so you are able to get the procedure you want or need. Use the payment calculator below for an estimated payment plan.

During your initial consultation, we will review all surgical fees and provide an estimate of your procedure costs prior to leaving our office. If you have any questions about financing, please contact us today.

PatientFi™ is an innovative health, beauty, and wellness care financing company that offers personalized financing plans for patients who qualify. PatientFi™ strives to provide access to affordable financing packages with a unique way of determining eligibility for applicants. There is no impact on your credit when applying. Credit scores are not the only factors taken into account; in fact, PatientFi™ analyzes many variables in addition to FICO scores to formulate a fair idea of an individual’s qualifications for a loan. The online application process is quick, and financing terms are flexible so that qualified applicants can choose from a variety of plans that can comfortably fit their budgets.

Developed by some of the nation’s top plastic surgeons, PatientFi™ is designed to put the patient’s interests first. This agency is also known for its high approval rates and commitment to providing helpful loan management tools. Click here to get started.