Breast development, or gynecomastia, in boys and men, is actually quite common. Although breast development can occur during puberty and disappear, some men continue to have noticeable breasts as they age. Gynecomastia can make a man feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, but Dr. Capek utilizes a combination of liposuction techniques, such as VASER LipoSelection and SmartLipo, and breast gland excision to correct gynecomastia with minimal scarring and dramatic enhancement of the chest contour.

Am I a Good Candidate? 

Many people believe gynecomastia is caused by excess fat but, in most cases, men’s enlarged breasts are caused by excess glandular breast tissue in combination with fat. Ideal candidates for male breast reduction include:

  • Men who cannot correct their condition with treatments
  • Overall healthy individuals (including non-smokers)
  • Men of relatively normal weight
  • Men who have full breast development

Any adult man who is bothered by their condition should consider male breast reduction surgery. A consultation with Dr. Capek can help determine your candidacy for this procedure.

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Dr. Lucie Capek offers advanced cosmetic plastic surgery from the unique perspective of a female plastic surgeon. Since 1996, she has been serving patients in the Capital District from Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Troy, NY. She is known for using the latest technology to perform body contouring, breast surgery, and facial cosmetic surgery. She personalizes every treatment to give each patient the most natural-looking results, enhancing their beauty and increasing their self-confidence. Above all, her practice is dedicated to your health and wellness. Dr. Capek understands that your beauty and confidence is about more than just your appearance. To schedule your first consultation, contact Lucie Capek, MD.


Before Your Procedure

An initial consultation with Dr. Capek is necessary to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine a procedure process that will benefit you the most. Dr. Capek will also prepare you for the upcoming procedure with pre-operative instructions, the procedure process, and after instructions. Knowing what to expect and being prepared increases your likelihood of positive results.

Your Procedure

Dr. Capek typically performs gynecomastia surgery in her QuadA-accredited office-based operating suite, Capek Surgical Arts, or a hospital operating room under IV sedation anesthesia. In most cases, Dr. Capek uses a combination technique of VASER LipoSelection, or SmartLipo, and breast gland excision to provide effective results with minimal scarring and downtime. However, in some cases, either of these techniques may be performed alone.

Liposuction techniques are utilized where fatty tissue is the primary cause of gynecomastia. Excision techniques are utilized for the removal of excess glandular tissue, or excess skin to lift sagging breasts, and to create a more masculine contour. Skin excision is also necessary if the patient desires a smaller areola size or a repositioned nipple for natural-looking results. Sutures are placed under the skin and dissolve over time. The incisions are glued on the outside so there is minimal wound care required. Dr. Capek will provide an effective solution in reducing male breasts and restoring a more defined chest contour.

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After Your Procedure

After your procedure, you will to wake up in a compression vest to minimize swelling and support the new chest contour. Although many patients experience discomfort or soreness, this is generally mild to moderate and can be relieved with pain medication such as Tylenol and non-opioid prescription medications. Depending on your specific procedure process, recovery times and instructions will vary. Results are instantly visible and will continue to improve once the swelling subsides and the incisions heal. Dr. Capek will provide aftercare instructions to ensure optimal recovery.

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Dr. Capek is pleased to offer her patients an intimate, comfortable and discreet surgical experience at Capek Surgical Arts (CSA), her state-of-the-art Quad A accredited operating suite right here in Latham, NY. You can undergo your procedure under the expert care of board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Capek and her exceptional team of anesthesia and clinical staff without having to go to a hospital or surgery center.. Cae you can expect with Dr. Capek and her team.


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