Breast Augmentation (Natural - Fat Transfer) Gallery


My lovely patient was unhappy with her 24-year-old saline breast implants. They were painful, asymmetric and hard, as often happens over time. She wanted to reduce her breast size and avoid more implants, so she opted for a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer. ⁠

When breast implants are removed, the patient may be left with a deflated look. The middle photo is taken immediately after I deflated her saline implants a few weeks before her explant surgery. This allowed her skin to contract as much as possible to avoid the need for a breast lift. Saline implant deflation is a simple and controlled procedure that is done using an IV catheter to remove the fluid under local anesthesia. Her final results show a natural shape and volume that I was able to achieve using her own fat. She’s thrilled with how soft they feel, too! ⁠

The before and after pictures above depict actual patients of Dr. Capek. Your results may vary.*



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