Breast Lift with Implants Gallery


This patient was unhappy with her abdomen and breasts after 4 pregnancies. In addition to loose skin and stubborn fat, she had separation of her abdominal muscles and loose fascia. This is caused by the pressure of the growing uterus (or major weight gain) stretching the structures of the abdominal wall. In many cases, the muscle separation from pregnancy heals after childbirth, but may require surgery in some patients.⁠

For this beautiful patient, I performed an abdominoplasty, aka tummy tuck, VASER Liposelection, and tightened her abdominal wall at the same time, using permanent sutures to create an internal corset to flatten out her tummy. The tummy tuck scar is easily concealed by underwear or a bikini when healed! I reshaped her breasts with silicone gummy implants and performed a breast lift for a perky look. ⁠

The before and after pictures above depict actual patients of Dr. Capek. Your results may vary.*



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