Chin Augmentation Gallery


This lovely patient was concerned about aging changes around her jawline, but she wanted to delay having a facelift/neck lift. She had a small, weak chin which was making the aging changes appear worse. I recommended a chin augmentation with an anatomic implant, as well as some VASER LipoSelection and fat contouring under her chin to maximize her results with this less invasive option. ⁠

The result is a not as defined as a facelift/neck lift but the chin augmentation, in particular, made a big difference in optimizing her lower facial proportions.

While the addition of a facelift/neck lift would have optimized her jawline and submental area even more, we discussed the options ahead of time and she had realistic expectations of this less invasive approach. ⁠

The before and after pictures above depict actual patients of Dr. Capek. Your results may vary.*



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