Gratitude and Silver Linings


Here we find ourselves in the month of November, approaching the end of this most unusual year. In 2020 we’re living through a pandemic that has changed us forever and that our children will never forget. Many have faced tremendous loss, both personal and professional. We all look forward to a day when we can put this time behind us.

I ask myself daily, as I enjoy the privilege of talking to my patients and staff, where can we find the silver linings and feel gratitude for what we have? Heading into Thanksgiving, it seems even more timely.

Most of us are staying home a lot more and not enjoying the social venues, culture and culinary delights our region normally offers. However, I find myself appreciating the comforts of home and the society of close family, especially my reluctant and nearly adult children. How many of us have taken up baking bread and redecorating as well? Reconnecting with home and family is definitely a silver lining for me.

On the topic of connecting with others, we are fortunately living in a time where video chatting and conferencing is available to many in our area. We take this for granted in normal times but let’s imagine trying to run a business under the current circumstances just 15-20 years ago. Timing is everything. In my practice, my staff and I have learned to use various video apps on a daily basis.

During the weeks of restricted practice, I was able to stay current with a rapidly evolving situation in my specialty, attending webinars with colleagues and our professional societies. My staff and I were connecting with patients both near and far. In the process, we’ve acquired a comfort level with these new skills that has changed and even improved some of our processes that will no doubt carry over into a post-COVID time.

Today, like many medical offices, we have transitioned to near-paperless check-in and check-out. We can do personalized and private consultations on video, even with local patients who prefer to explore information with us in this way. Many routine follow-up visits can also be done very effectively on video and this is particularly beneficial to our patients who are recovering from surgery or live several hours away. It’s important for my staff and I to view early results and progress, even when no problems arise. But we have learned that for many follow-ups, video calls are a great option for everyone. I doubt that we would have made this transition without the necessity created by our current circumstances.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, I am grateful for being able to continue my rewarding work, for the trust of my patients and the commitment of my staff. I appreciate the time I am spending at home with my family and the comforts of home. I try to find silver linings in these challenging times and I wish the same to all of you taking the time to read my words.

Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Capek and the Team at Capek Plastic Surgery!