Guilt-free Cosmetic Surgery


Guilt-free Cosmetic Surgery

By Dr. Lucie Capek

Every week, I talk to patients who really want something done for an issue that is on their mind a lot, but they feel guilty for even considering an ’elective’ or ‘cosmetic’ procedure. So besides getting the relevant medical history, I have a heart to heart with someone who is clearly conflicted. Does this sound familiar?

In truth, this issue almost exclusively comes up with my female patients. As women, we are so used to taking care of others’ needs – kids, spouse, aging parents and even co-workers – that our own wellness needs are either overlooked or postponed indefinitely. My insightful patients often articulate this fact, and yet they still struggle with doing something for themselves guilt free.

I approach this dilemma from a different angle. Think about how often your issue hijacks your thoughts or present moment. Is it every morning when you look in the mirror or catch your reflection in a window during your day? Or perhaps when you are trying to pick an outfit for work or a special occasion. Maybe you always avoid having your picture taken, or the way you look doesn’t match how you feel. You are spending a lot of energy contemplating your issue, energy that could be put to much better use.

The most rewarding part of my work is seeing the transformation that occurs when I partner with my patient to take care of their nagging issue. It truly looks like a burden lifted, a pre-occupation gone and all that energy directed to a new-found confidence. No reason for guilt when you realize that addressing whatever is bothering you will result in your wellness and more energy to live your life to the fullest.