It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to get Cosmetic Surgery!


winter cosmetic surgery optionsFor those who love to be outdoors when the sun is shining and it is above freezing, summer is not ideal for surgery and recovery but fall and winter are! From cozy sweaters to de-stressing after the holidays the colder months are optimal for transformation, rejuvenation and recovery.

Sweater Weather

The fall and winter seasons are often an ideal time to have procedures like a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentations done. You can easily wear looser or bulkier clothing to cover up your post-surgery garments, gradually change your wardrobe and then have the joy of revealing your new body by summer.

During the fall and winter (especially in Upstate New York) the sun and heat are less of issue post-operation.  In the summer, the sun can affect scars and sensitive skin while the heat can worsen swelling and cause discomfort when wearing compression garments. Sweater weather is the best time to avoid these concerns.


The Gift of Beauty and Wellness

Give yourself the gift of beauty and selfcare this holiday season. With all the chaos the holiday season brings, it is a great idea to treat yourself.  It also gives you the gift of a staycation. You can put your feet up, read the book you have been trying to finish and catch up on all the TV series you have put on the back burner. Give yourself the gift of treating yourself this holiday season.

Another way to ease the stress of Holiday shopping is to give your loved one a Gift Card from our practice! If they’ve been contemplating surgery, or other cosmetic treatments, what a great way to help them go forward with their goals.



The fire place is going, a movie is on and the world is a little quieter. You can relax and recover in ease without getting too much FOMO. January to April is often a slow time for weddings, graduations and reunions. These months allow ample time for you to recover and look your best for all your big 2020 social events. Plus, it’s just in time for an extra boost to start any New Year’s Resolutions on the right foot.

There is no time like the present to give yourself the gift of a procedure you have been eyeing. Please call 518-786-1700 to book your consultation or take the next step with us. We would love to see you this season and have you looking your best by summer vacation.