Claims & Truths about Sagging Breasts


There are tons of tips and tricks out there that claim to help keep your breasts perky and youthful. However, many are misguided misconceptions about what happens when breasts sag and what actually works to keep you looking your best. At Lucie Capek Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY, we want our patients to be as informed as possible about their bodies and the procedures we offer. Here, we will discuss four claims about sagging breasts.


Claim: Breasts sag as they age
Truth: This claim is true! As we age, our Cooper’s ligaments, or connective tissues, stretch and our breasts begin to sag. Gravity is a constant stretching force and weight gain plays a role for many women. Breasts, like other tissues in our body, lose collagen and elastin as we get older. Furthermore, menopause also contributes to sagging breasts, as fat replaces firmer glandular tissue in most women.


Claim: You can prevent sagging breasts by always wearing a bra
Truth: This claim is false. Bras are designed to provide support, shape, and lift to breasts while they are being worn. However, it cannot prevent gravity or the natural aging process described above from taking place, which results in sagging. Some studies even suggest that wearing a bra 24/7 can weaken the Cooper’s ligaments, or supportive tissue, actually contributing to drooping breasts. Best practice is to wear an appropriate style of bra under your clothing to make you look your best, but no need to sleep in one.


Claim: Breastfeeding causes sagging breasts
Truth: This claim is false. Breastfeeding does not cause sagging breasts, though pregnancy and its associated weight gain can result in stretching of ligaments, causing hanging breasts. The size of your breasts before pregnancy, genetics and history of smoking all influence sagging of your breasts to a much greater degree than does breastfeeding. There is no way to combat the natural effects of pregnancy, but sticking to a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy can help. Stay active, don’t gain too much weight, don’t smoke and you and your baby can enjoy all the benefits breastfeeding has to offer.


Claim: Breasts can change from smoking and tanning
Truth: This claim is true! A major risk factor for sagging breasts is smoking, as well as other habits that can chemically break down the skin’s collagen. Tanning also damages the collagen and elastin is the skin, which results in premature aging and sagging. Quit smoking and use sunscreen to keep your youthful look!


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