Everything You Need to Know About a Mommy Makeover


While pregnancy is an amazing thing, it changes bodies drastically, which can cause women to feel self-conscious. Nothing can tear down confidence quite like not loving the way your body looks. Therefore “mommy makeovers” have been growing in popularity over the past several years. These surgeries are helping women to get their body and confidence back. 

What Does the Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy makeovers typically cover areas directly affected by pregnancy. The most common are treatment areas are the abdomen and breasts. Because pregnancy causes your breasts and stomach to expand, it can leave both areas a bit loose or deflated.

If you had a naturally large bust, you might find that they don’t fill out your shirts and are not as perky as they once were, or you may find your once slim stomach has loose skin. These issues can be solved with a mommy makeover!

Procedures implemented in the mommy makeover include:

  • Breast Lifts
  • Breast Augmentations
  • Breast Reductions
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Circumferential Abdominoplasty

Everyone will have different problem areas that will require specific procedures. Pregnancy similarly affects all women, but the aftermath may vary greatly. This will depend on your body type and lifestyle.

Some women even prefer to include less common areas such as the buttocks, arms, and thighs in their surgery. 

After Care

While these procedures are outpatient procedures, you will still need to mind your body and allow yourself to heal correctly. You should keep a few key points in mind before proceeding.

  • Recovery time takes at least two weeks
  • Heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks
  • You should stop smoking at least four weeks before the procedure
  • Procedures are not substitutions for regular exercise and a healthy diet

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