Our Holiday Skincare Guide: Glow up!


The Holidays will be here sooner than you think. Every year they seem to creep up on us and we’re doing last-minute shopping, food prep and manicures! But some things should not be delayed to the last minute. Your skin beautification is one of them.

We recommend that you start your skincare regimen 3-5 month before the holidays for best results, and we advise you begin sooner rather than later. The skin takes at least 3 months to make a major turnaround, but for those of us who procrastinate, don’t despair!  A brighter, healthier complexion can be achieved in as little as a week or two with some of our signature facials and micro-infusions. But for lasting improvement and truly ‘aging backwards’, we hope you’ll consider the long view. By the way – you can follow this plan any time of year!

Getting started is the first step and with our help, it will be a breeze.  Your results are a team effort! We’ll start you off with the right medical-grade skincare and your job is to commit to your routine. Our double-licensed RN Aesthetician, Tiffany, has the following suggestions:

Step 1: The right products.

“I always recommend to start with medical grade skincare.  I am a big fan of ZO. They make it very easy to get started on medical graded skincare, as they have kits. The kits are beautifully packaged with everything you need is in one blue box to get your skin on the right path. Everyone starts on a kit that is a 30-day supply.  My personal favorites are the Daily Skincare- Program and the Anti-Aging Kit. The only difference between the two is that the Anti-aging kit contains the Growth Factor serum. This serum can truly transform your skin within 30 days!”

Step 2: The right treatments.

“Ideally, I recommend a series of Hydrafacials, spaced 4 weeks apart if you start early. This will really jump start your skin health turnaround.

If you can’t start right away, and you need a quick improvement, no worries. You can have one of our signature fast-track treatments.

A Red Carpet Facial can be done a week or less before your event and consists of a Hydrafacial followed by Laser Genesis at the same appointment. It’s perfect for a quick glow-up! Another option is our custom-cocktail GoldenGlow Microinfusion. This is minimal-downtime treatment that uses tiny, gold hollow-bore needles to infuse a combination of goodies like  hyaluronic acid and Botox into the dermis. It’s an easy way to get a hydrated, poreless finish within 10 days of treatment and less than a day of mild redness.

My treatment recommendations for you will depend on how much time you have until the holidays and the degree of improvement you’re looking for.”

Step 3: Repeat!

To see lasting results, it’s important that you continue to practice good skincare regularly. Achieving and maintaining healthy skin is not a ‘one in done’. Your skincare routine may need tweaking with different products and services as it becomes healthier. We’re here to cheer you on and to give you the proper tools and guidance to help you along the way. We’re a team and together we can get your skin gorgeous and glowing!

It may be too early to light a pine scented candle but it is just the right time to begin your Holiday prep skincare.  From family get togethers to holiday balls, don’t let the lights be the only thing that glows!

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