Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation-Frequently Asked Questions


One of the big concerns of getting breast implants is how childbirth will be affected. Many women wonder whether they will be able to breastfeed after getting breast augmentation. It is possible for you to breastfeed after getting breast implants. However, not every woman who gets breast augmentation will be able to successfully breastfeed. Certain techniques can affect the success of breastfeeding. Dr. Lucie Capek has been able to successfully perform breast augmentation on mothers who have been able to breastfeed. She knows that breastfeeding is an important experience for mother and child. It ensures that the baby gets the nutrients that they need. It also helps the mother and baby bond. That is why Dr. Capek will go to great lengths to make sure that a woman’s ability to breastfeed is preserved.

Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation: Things That You Should Consider

The Location of the Incision

Periareolar incision is made on the outside of the nipple. In some cases, this incision can damage the milk ducts and nerve endings. That is why if you are interested in breastfeeding in the future, then you will need to get the incision made in a different place. You can get a transaxillary incision, which is made in the armpit. You can also get an inframammary incision, which is made along the crease of the breast.

Implant Placement

Implant placement has less of an impact on your ability to breastfeed than the location of the incision. However, the placement of the implant is still important. If the implants are placed inside of your chest muscle, then they may affect your ability to breastfeed. That is why submuscular placement is recommended for women who want to breastfeed.

Timing of the Surgery

Most women who do not plan to have children for years can get breast augmentation and not worry about it affecting their ability to breastfeed. However, it is a good idea to wait until after you have finished having children before you get breast augmentation. The reason that you want to wait is because pregnancy can cause your breasts to change, thus affecting your results from breast augmentation. Ptosis, which is also known as breast sagging, can be caused by pregnancy. In this case, many women choose to get a breast lift with augmentation. 

Is It Safe to Breastfeed With Saline or Silicone Implants?

Many women are concerned about the safety of breastfeeding. They want to know if the silicone or saline implant will leak into their breast milk and harm their child. However, there have not been any studies done to show that silicone or saline material passes into the breast milk. Many women have proven that breastfeeding with implants is not only doable but completely safe for the mother and the child. 

Schedule a Consultation

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