Four Things You Must Do In The Years Following Your Facelift


The effects of aging cannot be ignored. However, a facelift can provide you with a more youthful appearance. How long you enjoy this benefit will be largely dependant on what you do in the years after you receive your facelift. The five tips below will help you enjoy the benefits of your facelift for as long as possible. 


Be Mindful Of The Sun

Ultraviolet rays from the sun break down the skin’s protein and are one of the main causes of aging. The result can be wrinkles, lines, and sagging that after a while, will negate the benefits of your facelift. It is a good idea to apply sunscreen to your skin each day before leaving your home. You should also avoid purposeful tanning of your skin if you wish to avoid the accelerated aging process the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause. 


Skin Nourishment Is Essential

A healthy diet is another essential element of helping your skin maintain its youthful appearance. You should fill your plate with whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits. This nourishment will counter the aging process in the skin and add to your overall health and wellbeing. 


Eliminating the wrong foods from your diet is just as important as adding healthy foods to your meals. Sugar is a major enemy to your efforts to maintain a youthful appearance so foods containing this substance should be eaten in extreme moderation. Sugar fuels a process in the body called glycation. The process damages molecules that are needed to keep the skin healthy. 


Choose Great Products For Your Skin

You should find topical skin products that address the concerns you have with your skin and fits your particular skin type. Peptides, retinoids, and antioxidants are great support for smooth, clear, and youthful-looking skin. These ingredients are common in quality skincare products.


Cosmetic Treatments

You can add to the effects of your regular skin maintenance program with periodic cosmetic treatments. One example of this is laser resurfacing treatments. These treatments involve removing the skin’s outer layer to reveal a layer of smoother, more youthful-looking skin that lies just underneath.


Chemical peels and photo facials are more examples of available cosmetic treatment. While all of these cosmetic treatments are useful, be sure to check with the surgeon who performs your facelift to determine how long you should wait before scheduling a treatment.


Work With A Professional Plastic Surgeon

The fact that your actions play a large role in how long your facelift will provide the benefits you desire does not mean the plastic surgeon you choose is not equally, if not more, important. 


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