How to Maintain the Results of Your Facelift


You did it and finally got the facelift surgery you’ve been wanting.  You planned for the cost, the recovery and are excited to show off your refreshed and rejuvenated look.  Now that we’ve set back the clock, how do you maintain the results as long as possible? We all know that we can’t stop aging, and gravity is relentless, but there are ways to protect your investment.

Stair Steps to Facial RejuvenationLook to my ‘stair steps’ concept of facial rejuvenation. Besides leading a healthy lifestyle and using sunscreen daily, the foundation of looking your best and slowing the aging process is great skincare. Take advantage of the many advances in skincare products and treatments by meeting with our medical aesthetician regularly and using a medical-grade home skincare program.

You can also keep wrinkles at bay by considering neuromodulators like Botox around your eye area and fillers like Juvederm in fine lip lines and corners of the mouth. A small amount of filler once a year after facelift surgery will maintain your new ‘baseline’ longer.

If you have sun damage, age spots or rosacea you may want to consider minimally invasive laser treatments like Excel V. These can dramatically improve the quality of your skin and be ‘icing on the cake’ after a surgical facial rejuvenation.

You’re worth it and your skin deserves your ongoing attention.  To schedule a consultation or treatment call our office at 518-786-1700.