Pro Tips for Glowing Holiday Skin


By Dr. Lucie Capek

As a Plastic Surgeon, I’m used to operating in order to create dramatic changes so I didn’t used to think much about skincare. That was nearly 20 years ago and so much has changed! When non-invasive treatments like LASERs, Botox and fillers came along, our toolbox expanded well beyond the operating room and skincare became the foundation of creating and maintaining natural, beautiful rejuvenation.

With holiday parties upon us, I want to share some of my favorite tips to have your skin looking healthy, glowing and radiant at any age. Though patience and commitment pay off for year-round radiance, some tips and treatments will give you a quick-fix when you’re short on time.

Consult with Pro

Navigating the many products and treatments out there can be intimidating. The most efficient way to get results fast is to consult with a professional. Licensed Aestheticians and nurses specializing in Aesthetics can evaluate your unique needs and customize a skincare program that is simple and effective. This means less trial and error, which can be costly, and faster results.

Use Medical-grade Skincare Products

A home skincare program will slow down and even reverse, aging changes and environmental damage in your skin, as well as enhancing the results of more advanced treatments. I recommend medical-grade skincare products from brands like SkinMedica and ZO, always with professional guidance from a licensed Aesthetician or nurse. Expect to see results in as little as 3 weeks and you can fast-track your improvements by combining home skincare with professional treatments like those described below.

Get a Customized Red Carpet Facial: HydraFacial & LaserGenesis

This revolutionary 2-step treatment is a perfect way to beautify your skin fast. HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and saturates your skin with antioxidants and peptides that instantly brighten your complexion. We follow it up with our non-invasive and painless LaserGenesis treatment. This combo is helpful and customizable for all skin types, and gives an instant glow a day or 2 before an event.

NEW GoldenGlow Micro-infusion Facial lasts for 2-3 months

I love this new, advanced signature treatment that takes micro-needling to the next level! We use a tiny device made of sterile glass and gold, hair-fine, hollow bore needles to deliver bio-active ingredients to the skin for a quick and lasting refinement. This gentle micro-infusion typically combines Botox and HA filler to quickly create an airbrushed look that lasts for 2-3 months. We can treat the face, neck, décolleté and hands, with minimal discomfort and just a few hours of slight redness. Perfect to have done a week or two before your event, doing it regularly will continue to stimulate collagen, shrink pores and smooth out fine lines.

We hope you find this brief overview of some of the latest trends in Aesthetics helpful. Please contact us for more information or with questions; by phone, email or DM.