Things You Should Know About Your Surgeon


A lot of people have been undergoing plastic surgeries and procedures to improve how they look physically. A lot of work has been done by scientists and doctors to come up with the best procedures. While plastic surgeries have become common and have been proven to be safe in most cases, some people still feel overwhelmed when they think of getting one. There are a lot of safety concerns people have. However, the best way to ensure your safety during your procedure is to choose an experienced, board certified surgeon you can trust. 

How do you know which surgeon is the best?

You must do your research before visiting a surgeon for an appointment. There are a lot of reviews available online. Word of mouth can also help as people who have experienced can tell you better. Do shortlist a few surgeons and book an appointment just for a consultation. When you personally meet the surgeons you will be able to make a better decision as to who do you want to get your surgery done from. During your visits notice how the surgeon analyzes your features. Pay attention to the plan they come up with. A surgeon that can list down a variety of treatments can guide you and help you decide which one is the best for you. Sometimes some patients might not need a facelift and the problem could be treated without surgery. A doctor that does not forces a surgery is the one who is not greedy for money and actually wants to do what is best for you.

Notice what is aesthetically pleasing for your surgeon. Preferences for appearances vary from person to person so make sure your surgeon has the same as yours. What you call beautiful might not be beautiful for your doctor. Other than having matching aesthetic sensibility make sure your surgeon possesses good qualities. He or she must be friendly and very professional both at the same time. It is very important for your surgeon to listen to you in order to exactly understand what you want. Your surgeon should also be able to give you the real picture and should not make you fall for false expectations.

Dr. Lucie Capek

Dr. Lucie Capek, MD is a professional surgeon who has been working since 1996. She has an experience of 23 years and serves her patients in the Capital District from Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, & Troy, NY. She has been working with the latest procedures and is known for performing facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Lucie Capek places a priority not just on how her patients’ look. She also believes that her patients are more than how they look and therefore places great emphasis on their health. She makes sure her treatments provide comfort to her patients. She does not believe in completely transforming facial features. She aims to enhance them by making minuscule changes to her patients’ facial features. 


Dr. Lucie Capek is a surgeon who fulfills all the requirements of a perfect surgeon. She is friendly and gives her patients different options to choose from. She guides her patients and gives them ample time to think before booking the final appointment. You can check her records and see that she has never been reported for any misbehavior towards her patients. Dr. Capek and her team make sure her patients walk out of her clinic fully satisfied.