Frown lines typically form when muscles in the forehead repeatedly contract, leading to deep creases from these overworked facial muscles. If you are tired of unpleasant frown lines, but aren’t ready for an invasive facelift surgery, Xeomin® injection treatment may be right for you.

How Xeomin® Works

Xeomin is an FDA-approved prescription medicine, similar to Botox, that temporarily blocks the release of chemicals that cause the facial muscle contractions. Xeomin is made through a particular process that takes the therapeutic parts of the molecule, incobotulinumtoxinA, and removes unnecessary proteins that won’t provide an active role during treatment. At Dr. Capek’s practice, we proudly offer Xeomin injections at her Albany, New York area practice, to improve the way you look and feel.

After Xeomin is injected into your overburdened muscles, your frown lines will become smooth, and you will be left with a refreshed and happier appearance. Xeomin has minimal pain or complications, although there may be a slight pinch when the injections occur. The entire treatment is relatively short, lasting no longer than 30 minutes. Results can be expected within 2 days of treatment and can last up to 4 months.

Should I receive Xeomin® treatment?

If you are distressed by deep frown lines and people asking you, “What’s wrong?” all the time, the Xeomin treatment may be a great solution for you. Although this treatment can’t mimic the results of a traditional facelift, this may be an excellent non-invasive alternative for individuals who are not ready for surgery. Contact Dr. Capek’s office to schedule a consultation appointment to review the benefits of Xeomin and how it can rejuvenate your appearance today.

What are the risks?

Side effects are rare, but can occur with any injection treatment. If you are experiencing problems swallowing, speaking or breathing, contact our office or receive medical help, since this may be a serious medical emergency. It’s also important to let us know about any medical conditions you may have and if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. In this case, Xeomin may not be right for you. We will provide a complete list of side effects and complications before your first Xeomin appointment.