Calling All Millennials: Are Injectable Treatments for You?


Millenial_BlogIt’s interesting to hear that more and more millennials are getting injectable treatments like Botox and fillers. Lip injections are becoming especially popular among women in their 20’s.  What does this trend mean to you?

If you’re a millennial, it means you’re doing more research than any generation before you and you are well informed.  You want to look your best and you are prepared to fight aging. As a plastic surgeon, I think it’s great that there is so much information out there to prepare you for what these treatments will look like, feel like and what they will cost.

Starting a treatment like Botox early is good prevention. Since it helps you not form wrinkles now, there may be less to fill, resurface or lift later. Medical grade skin care is another key piece in slowing down the aging process that you should not underestimate. It really works! Fillers can enhance your natural lip shape, making the most of your unique beauty. Filling early wrinkles can stimulate your own collagen over time. There are many advantages to starting this self-care early. Bravo – I applaud you for getting informed!

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-By Dr. Lucie Capek