Plastic Surgery in Bethlehem, NY


Capek Plastic Surgery is dedicated to your health and overall wellness. Dr. Lucie Capek brings the unique perspective of an experienced female surgeon to the center who understands that beauty is not limited to just your appearance. She has been offering her patients the latest in technology with customized treatments that offer natural results and a boost to your confidence. Owing to her diverse background, Dr. Capek is equally skilled at treating men too.

Our patients from Bethlehem, NY can choose from a range of procedures such as breast or butt augmentation, facelift, liposuction, or rhinoplasty. We offer procedures that are customized for your individual needs and aesthetic goals so that you can enjoy the results you always wanted.

Face Procedures

Premature facial aging is one of the main reasons why patients seek facial rejuvenation. There are many reasons for these changes including sun exposure, smoking or years of neglect. When you look older than how you feel, talk to our expert surgeon about the different facial procedures offered at Capek Plastic Surgery. Enjoy beautiful natural appearing results that can take a decade off your face. Here are the face procedures our patients from Bethlehem can choose from:

Breast Procedures

Most women are unhappy with the changes in their breast contours. These changes usually become apparent with age or after childbirth and significant weight fluctuations. Dr. Capek has extensive experience with customized breast procedures that help you augment your breasts or reduce large breasts or even lift breasts that are sagging with age. Men struggling with gynecomastia can also benefit from her superior breast reduction skills. Here are the breast procedures our patients from Bethlehem, NY can choose from:

Body Procedures

When you continue to struggle with stubborn fatty areas on your body despite regular diet and exercise, it is time to consider cosmetic intervention. Dr. Capek has helped thousands with unparalleled body contouring results. During your consultation, she will understand your unique needs and determine the best contouring procedure to help you enjoy better proportions. Here are the procedures our patients from Bethlehem NY can choose from:

Lasers & RF treatments

Capek Plastic Surgery offers the most advanced laser treatments that can help address a variety of skin concerns. Dr. Capek and her team have been offering the latest and most effective MedSpa services including being the first to offer their patients knifeless laser lift. Enjoy a healthy and youthful glow to your skin with the rejuvenation offered by laser treatments. Here are the options available to our patients from Bethlehem NY:


You can choose from a range of injectables at our MedSpa that will help you eliminate a range of facial irregularities including volume loss, lines, wrinkles and unwanted fat. Dr. Capek recommends these injectable fillers for quick, safe and effective treatments that offer natural appearing results with minimal or no downtime. Here are the injectables our patients from Bethlehem NY can choose from:

Skin Care

Capek Plastic Surgery offers you a range of skin care services that help you address a variety of skin concerns including sun damage, pigmentation, acne and uneven skin tone and texture. We offer customized treatments and world class skincare products that help you achieve a refreshed appearance with naturally glowing skin. Here are the skincare treatments our patients from Bethlehem NY can choose:


During your consultation with our experts regarding skin enhancement, our licensed aesthetician will recommend a treatment plan to help you get a healthier and younger looking skin. We offer several skincare packages that include a range of treatments that are best suited to your skin. For optimal results, you can add a daily medical grade skincare routine for home use. When you choose an in-office skincare product from our range, you can also enjoy a 10% discount! Here are the skincare packages our patients from Bethlehem NY can choose:

Body Contouring Procedures

Not everybody seeking cosmetic enhancement wishes to undergo a surgical procedure. Capek Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective non-surgical procedures that eliminate fat and help you get pleasing contours. Dr. Capek has the expertise to ensure exceptional results from every procedure you choose. Here are the choices our patients from Bethlehem NY have:

Women’s Health

Women who are concerned about the changes to their genital area, specifically the inner labia consider getting labiaplasty. You can talk to Dr. Capek to understand more about changes in your genital area and if labiaplasty can help you with functional and aesthetic issues. Here are the women’s health options available to our patients from Bethlehem NY:

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