A Natural Choice After Breast Implant Removal


So, you’ve decided to have your breast implants removed.  Maybe you no longer want implants, feel they’re too big or it’s time to have them replaced.  Whatever your reason, you may wonder what now? Will my breasts look empty and droop? What if I don’t want scars from a lift?  If you want implants removed but still want full, natural looking breasts, consider breast augmentation with fat transfer. Dr. Capek can take your own fat from areas you don’t like and use it to replace some of the volume of your breast implants.

Fat transfer has become increasingly popular in breast augmentation as women want a naturally fuller look without a major increase in breast size.  This technique is ideal for women who have some ‘space’ in their breasts to accommodate extra volume. You may notice loose or ‘deflated’ breasts after having children, breast feeding or weight loss. The same issues can occur after breast implant removal. Fat transfer into the breasts during the same surgery can replace volume naturally. In many cases, a lift is not needed so the procedure is scarless.

The are many other benefits to breast augmentation or implant replacement with fat transfer:

  • We use your own fat from unwanted areas giving you the extra benefit of liposuction
  • We can fill specific areas that are deficient, like your cleavage or upper pole of the breasts
  • Your own fat will not be rejected
  • Volume from fat transfer is long lasting and safe. It is living tissue that behaves like fat anywhere else on your body
  • It is usually a one-time procedure


Dr. Capek is an expert in fat transfer and has been performing this procedure in various areas of the face and body for 20 years.  In a field dominated by men Dr. Capek is proud to be a female plastic surgeon recognized for her skill and expertise.  Take advantage of her signature blend of advanced technology, personalized care, and an artistic eye.


Still not sure?  Please read this patients’ amazing journey from implants to fat transfer here at realself.com.



You can also look at our extensive library of before and after photos and learn more about ‘natural’ breast augmentation with fat by Dr. Capek at our website www.capekplasticsurgery.com.


Procedure Type: Breast Implant Removal with Natural Breast Augmentation

Age: 38

Height: 5′ 3

Weight: 135 lbs.

Months Post-Op: 2 months

Pre-Op Cup Size: 34C

Post-Op Cup Size:  34C

Doctor’s Comments:

Removal of bilateral Natrelle Saline-Filled 68 Moderate Profile implants.  Right Implant was 210cc implant inflated to 240cc.  Left Implant was 240cc inflated to 270cc.  Fat grafting from hips, abdomen, inner and outer thighs to bilateral breasts. Total aspirated 1470cc. 312cc infiltrated in right breast and 345cc in left breast.

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