When is the Best Age for Breast Augmentation Surgery?


A woman could be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery as early as the age of 18 or as late as the age of 70. However, the most common age for a woman to have this procedure is in her mid-thirties. To find out when it is best to have breast enhancement surgery, it is necessary to look at many factors before making a final decision. 

Breast Augmentation is Personal

Changing the shape of a woman’s breasts by adding more fullness and definition is a personal decision. A plastic surgeon will consider the needs of each patient on an individual basis before recommending surgery. The breasts must be completely developed before any type of enhancement surgery can be performed. This is why women must wait until at least the age of 18. If they want silicone implants, they must be at least 22. Any woman considering breast augmentation surgery needs to understand that she is about to make a permanent change to her body. It should be her decision alone, not a choice that has been prompted by the desires of others. 

Pregnancy Will Have an Impact on the Ideal Age for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women cannot have implant surgery while they are pregnant. As a rule of thumb, 

it is advised to wait to have breast implants until after a woman is done having children. Pregnancy and nursing change the shape and size of a woman’s breasts dramatically. Once this point in a woman’s life is over, she can concentrate on getting her dream bust. 

Weight Loss Can Change a Woman’s Breasts

A woman should be at her ideal weight before undergoing breast implant surgery. Extreme weight loss and fitness regimens will reduce the size of a woman’s bust. Achieving her goal weight will give her a better idea of what size implant will meet her needs. 

Aging Takes a Toll on the Breasts

As a woman ages, her breasts will change. They tend to droop and lose volume. Collagen production drops, causing the skin to be less elastic. Sagging, deflated breasts can rob a woman of her confidence in her body. Breast implant surgery combined with a breast lift can bring back a more youthful figure.

The Final Decision is Up to the Patient and Plastic Surgeon

In the end, determining the best age for breast augmentation will be decided by the patient. It should be an informed decision. A skilled plastic surgeon will also need to give final approval, offering guidance and important information. If you are wondering if now is the right time for breast augmentation surgery for you, turn to Dr. Lucie Capek at Capek Plastic Surgery. She has had over 20 years of experience and offers you a woman’s perspective when you are ready to make such an important decision. She’ll evaluate your bust, health, and medical history to determine if breast implant surgery is the right choice for you at this point in your life.