Is Your Smart Phone giving you ‘Tech Neck’?


Did you know that consistently staring down at your cellphone may be causing an increase in neck wrinkles? It’s called ‘Tech Neck’ and cellphones are not the only culprit.  Any electronics that keep your attention pointed down, weaken the front neck muscles and crease the neck skin, which are already thin and prone to sun damage. Many doctors are seeing patients under 40 with sagging or wrinkled neck skin.  Since we all need our electronic devices, what can we do to prevent this?

Sun Prevention

All skin should be sun protected but don’t forget your neck and décolleté areas, which are often overlooked and prone to sunburn.

Straighten Up

Make a concerted effort to hold your phone at eye level for good posture.

Take a Break!

Make sure to look up and away from electronic devices throughout the day.  Doing this will save you from neck problems, vision problems and the dreaded ‘Tech Neck’.


Dr. Lucie Capek